Valve May Add Movies And TV Series To Popular Steam Online Gaming Service

Valve's Steam digital distribution platform is the go-to place for games, and there's even been an effort to flesh it out with creativity and productivity software. Now there's evidence to suggest that Valve may take things a step further by adding new types of content, including film, TV series, videos, music, and plugins. Could it be that Steam is growing into something much bigger than a game library?

It's too early to tell, but what's out there is certainly interesting. Credit goes to SteamDB for digging through the recent Steam Beta update and noticing several new application-type IDs, such as the ones referenced above. It makes sense, given Valve's aggressive push to land Steam in your living room via upcoming Steam Machines.

Steam Big Picture

At the same time, we have to temper our enthusiasm. It's already possible to purchase things like game soundtracks, which are also sometimes included in special edition versions of games. That means that the application-type references could simply be tweaks of things Valve already offers in some form or another.

That includes film distribution through certain games such as the indie title The Movie. Hopefully it's more than that, however, as being able to hop out of Counter Strike and into the latest episode of whatever show you're into would be a great way to take advantage of Steam Machines.