Valve Kicks Off Steam Autumn Sale, Offers Huge Discounts on HOT Games

Could there be any better way to celebrate the biggest spending period of the year than with yet another sale? Valve believes so, and let's face it: I think PC gamers think so, too. Right on schedule, Valve has launched its "Autumn Sale 2013" on Steam - grab the Kleenex, because that wallet's about to cry.

Running through until next Tuesday, Valve will be featuring a total of 9 games each day that have received some killer discounts, and happen to be killer games. The ultra-popular Terraria can be had for a $2.50, for example - an absolute steal. Sleeping Dogs, a personal favorite of mine, is a meager $5. Still haven't picked-up Skyrim? There's no excuse now: It can be yours for $7.50.

One of the best things to come from sales like these is exposure to games that most people might regularly overlook. Antichamber, for example, is a game I highly recommend checking out if you're into games that really twist the mind. It looks simple, but believe me, it offers a great experience, especially for the $5 sale price.

As has become traditional of the biggest Steam sales, three sets of four flash sales will be featured as well on the front page each day, so it's worth checking back every once in a while to see if a game you want goes on sale. Further, it's highly recommended that if a game you want isn't on sale, you should add it to your wishlist - Valve will ping you if it does go on sale.

It's worth mentioning that Valve has, for the past couple of years, followed-up to the autumn sale with the winter one a month later, and that tends to be what most would consider the most worthwhile of the year. If a game you want hasn't been out for too long and isn't on sale during this sale, it might very well be in the next one.

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