Valve Arms Deal Update Revamps Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arsenal

We’ll say this for Valve: it’s done an admirable job of keeping Counter-Strike fans coming back for the past 13 years. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive put more than a fresh paint job on everyone’s favorite maps and inspired many former players to give the game another look. Now, Valve is spicing things up again with the Arms Deal Update, which will be dropping collectible weapons into games.

Valve Launches New Gun Collections For CS:GO

Before we get any further into this, we should clear up any confusion: the CS:GO Arms Deal weapons don’t affect gameplay. They don’t have any properties that are different from the weapons that you’re using now. Rather, they’re decorated versions of existing guns. There are multiple collections.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Weapons

So, how exactly, do you get them? As things kick off with the Arms Deal update, the most common way to get them will be to pick up a gun as it drops in-game. Drops are timed to appear as you play during the week, and drops will slow as you spend more time playing. Guns will sometimes drop in cases, which must be opened with a key. You can also acquire guns by trading them or outright buying them on the Steam Marketplace. Valve is putting a portion of proceeds from purchases of eSports case keys toward prize purses for CS:GO eSport events.

New Decorations Come To CS:GO on Steam

Also, Valve used the update to add M4A1-S and USP-S weapons (the S designates silencer-equipped). Time to get some bling for your CS:GO arsenal.