Use Your iPod to Learn a Foreign Language

Penton Overseas is taking language learning to the next level with products made specifically for the iPod, iTouch and iPhone, with compatible formats supported by other video players and cell phones.

 With the most foreign language learning titles for Apple's popular iPod format out of any other foreign language audio book Publisher, Penton Overseas announced today that all 22 titles are now available for immediate download from their website. The use of an iPod for teaching foreign language is only now being explored. Audio alone won't cut it, especially in the 21st century; Penton Overseas believes you need to utilize all of the iPods multimedia capabilities to maximize learning.

Since shipping their first titles in early 2008, Penton has been expanding their library. The original titles were packaged goods in a jewel like box designed to show off the disk on a retail shelf. The iSync and iVideo were the first two series released under the iLearnAnywhere product line. Since then Penton has added iVerbs, iSync Complete, and iAccent On to the product line. Speak in a Week Interactive Spanish and French were completed less than a week ago and it is going to be ready for downloads this week, with Italian and German not too far behind.

"All these products maximize the features that Apple's iPods and iTouch offer: convenience, ease of use, portability, and rich visual and auditory experiences. It's like having a language lab in the palm of your hand!" explained Tom McGrew, Marketing and Development Director at Penton Overseas. "Today's language learners," he continued, "demand learning products that meet their daily needs and lifestyles. Seeing how popular iPods have grown made it a no brainier to expand and produce these titles. Many of them are based upon content that has been used and tested for many years, some of them selling over 3 million copies as CDs."

"We are especially proud of the iAccent On products which were designed to support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan so they can learn the language and culture with their iPods. The military is starting to adapt this learning opportunity for the troops, finding the size and convenience of these products an excellent way to train boots-on-the-ground soldiers," he continued.

"You don't need to lug around a computer to study and learn a language. You get the same learning experience you get with a computer, but you can do it anywhere or anytime with an iPod," he continued. "Every title that we have produced has been a quantum leap over the audio or text based learning experience of the core content. We have made sure that every person who uses these titles are given both audio and visual learning hooks to assure rapid language acquisition," he stated.