USB TV Wonder, NF3 250Gb, TwinMos RAM, Piracy and More!

Good morning all.  The weekend is just about here and the gang at HH are in full swing with various hardware reviews.  I know I have 5 pieces queued up and some of the other fellas have even more, so there will be no shortage of hardware treats for quite some time.  Top that off with the holiday season and we are sure to be buried until Spring.  For now, though, let's take a look at some of the other offerings floating around the Web.

We've got a double shot from the gang @

First up is their review of ATI's TV Wonder USB 2.0:

"I prefer the PCI version for latency reasons, but if USB2.0 is the interface you need for a TV tuner and multimedia product without breaking the bank, the TV Wonder USB 2.0 is highly recommended. The software needs significant spit and polish, to rectify some aesthetic and usability issues, but coupled with a RemoteWonder II, the TV Wonder is how I'd enjoy low-cost, high-quality TV tuning on my PC."

Next, they take a look at the BIOSTAR K8NHA Grand nForce3 250Gb:

"BIOSTAR has carved out a niche market in producing budget boards based on most currently available chipsets. Stability, decent performance, and, usually, a sub-£70 asking price has made them a genuine alternative to other companies' boards that often retail at the wrong side of £100. Their associated bundles may not be as esoteric as DFI's and the BIOS often lacks fine-tuning available with, say, ABIT boards, but with S462, S478, and S754 now enjoying true budget processors, BIOSTAR reckons there's a significant market for feature-rich boards that don't break the bank."

Twinmos Speed Premium Dual Channel Kit RAM @ HardwareZoom:

"We lowered the CPU multiplier to 12x and push the CPU and DIMM voltage to around 1.76V and 2.8V respectively. The highest FSB we could obtain was 250Mhz, using Twinmos Speed Premium. However, the system refused to boot into windows until we lower the FSB to 240Mhz. On the other hand, Kingston and Corsair were not as overclockable, we only manage to boot into windows at 225Mhz and 230Mhz respectively."

Software Piracy & What It Means To You @ The Tech Zone:

"That criminal activity should be hindered and software piracy is, broadly speaking, theft, is quite correct, but the solution is not just to seek out and punish wrong-doers, but to find a solution for all these groups of people who, for one reason or other, wish to use the software, but cannot, or will not, find the means of paying the present market cost. An imaginative solution to this problem could well be the break-through that a company needs to make itself known in every household, provided the product is correct."

MSI Mega Player 516 Digital Audio Player Review @ Designtechnica:

"The Mega 516 itself is a wonderful audio player and there are so many things right with it that it is just a shame to see a couple things holding it back. The integrated lithium-ion battery and OLED display make the Mega 516 a very unique player to begin with. Add to that expansion capabilities via the MMC/SD media card slot and you have a player that should stand out in a very crowded market."

OK folks, that's it for me.  Take care and have a great weekend!

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