US Federal Reserve Confirms Anonymous Hack During Super Bowl, 4000 US Bank Executives Exposed

Following rumors that hacktivist collective Anonymous had breached the US Federal Reserve servers this past weekend comes word from the Fed itself to acknowledge that it did in fact happen. Despite the fact that Anonymous managed to leak information on some 4,000 banking executives, the Federal Reserve is down-playing the the incident due to fact that no truly sensitive information was among this (home addresses, for example) and nothing but that server itself was compromised.

This acts as another wake-up call for those who are meant to keep these servers secure, however, because while the information snatched might be considered no big deal, it shouldn't have been accessed at all by outside parties. Of course, Anonymous has accomplished much greater in the past, so it can be assumed that it didn't care what information it got a hold of and released, as long as it affected the people they were after.

The reason for the hack has to do with the collective's current "OpLastResort" campaign, which was created after the death of Internet guru and activist Aaron Swartz, who is believed to have taken his own life as the result of the immense pressures of an on-going case involving MIT documents he took with the supposed intent to preserve them.

Last month, the movement also took action against the US Sentencing Commission website, one that represents the government's judicial system. To date, that website still hasn't been full restored.