U.S. CENTCOM Twitter, YouTube Accounts Defaced By ISIS

A couple of official social media accounts of the United States' Central Command have been breached today, with the Islamic State militant group ISIS claiming responsibility.

Both the Twitter and YouTube accounts of the Central Command were accessed to change both the banner and profile picture, as well as add a couple of messages. On the Twitter account, a message was left to instill fear in American soldiers, as seen in the screen capture below. The YouTube account also had two pro-ISIS videos uploaded.

ISIS Central Com Hack

Beyond that, it doesn't seem like much impact was made, outside of the fact that both social media accounts have now been closed. The US Central Command's Facebook account remains unaffected.

While a breach of these accounts is hardly great, nothing of actual importance has been compromised, and it seems that the accounts were shut down before most of their followers would have even seen the message. It is a curious thing, though, that not just one, but two accounts managed to be accessed - especially YouTube, which doesn't often make headlines for this kind of thing. This is why I'm often hesitant to follow the mainstream media's suit and call these "hacks" - it strikes me as very unlikely that the security of either account was legitimately bypassed. Given that this is a government matter, we're unlikely to hear the results of the investigation.