US Airways Joins The Herd: Aircell's Gogo In-Flight Wi-Fi Arrives

If there's one thing everyone needs on a flight, it's in-flight Wi-Fi. That's something we can all agree on, right? While the business and casual travelers debate, Aircell is announcing yet another partner in their efforts to blanket the sky with Internet: US Airways. The company has managed to land deals with nearly every major (and minor) American airline, and with US Air onboard, there's really no stopping things.

Starting today, a total of five Airbus A321 aircraft have been outfitted with the service, enabling users to actually get online with their notebook or smartphone while flying. US Air isn't saying which five they are, but they'll have Gogo logos everywhere when you board (so be on the lookout!). In early June, the rest of the company's A321 fleet (51 planes in total) will have Gogo onboard, and in late June, consumers will even be able to tell if their future flight will have the service as they book.

From now until June 1, those fortunate enough to find themselves on a Gogo flight will have one trial session given to them, and afterwards, the regular rates take effect. Gogo's pricing isn't that bad; for flights up to 1.5 hours, it's just $4.95 to hop online, while 1.5 - 3 hour flights demand up to $9.95 and over 3 hours required up to $12.95. We just wish the service worked outside of the U.S., but at least Wi-Fi is finally coming to most airlines here. We'll take the baby steps, but we won't stop wishing for more coverage. Have to make those skies friendly somehow!