Upscale Apple Again, iWatch Rumored To Weigh In At $400

One way or the other, Apple has a very busy week coming up. The Cupertino company confirmed plans to hold a press event on September 9, and you can expect there to be at least one new iPhone model, along with possibly a long anticipated iWatch announcement. Don't get too excited, however -- word around the web is that it won't actually be available until next year, and will carry a high price tag to boot.

How high? Perhaps $400. According to Recode, Apple hasn't decided on a definitive price point yet and is still considering a range of prices for different models, including lower priced versions. If Apple does end up unveiling the iWatch in September, don't be surprised if the company is mum on such details.

Apple Store

Apple has a lot riding on its iWatch launch. It represents the first truly new product category since the introduction of the iPad four years ago. Things are different, however, as the iPad essentially kicked off a new category (Apple didn't invent the tablet, but it did popularize it as a home consumer device), whereas the iWatch will be going up against some established competitors and even a competing platform dedicated to the category (Android Wear).

It wouldn't surprise us if the iWatch ended up costing $400, even though that would put it at the top of the pricing scale in the smartwatch category. Apple seems comfortable residing in the premium tier. Bear in mind that it's most expensive iPhone 5S model -- 64GB version -- is $399 on contract, or $849 unlocked and SIM-free, while it's most expensive iPad Air -- 128GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular -- runs $929.