UPS Chokes Under Holiday Shipping Load, So Much For 'Logistics'

If you were waiting in vain for UPS to arrive with your last-minute holiday packages only to see the magic day pass without the big brown truck stopping at your house, you’re not alone. UPS was overwhelmed by holiday shipping traffic.

The company blames factors such as a higher-than-expected volume of packages and rough weather around the country. UPS expected some 132 million deliveries for last week, but without disclosing how many there actually were, UPS spokesperson Natalie Black said “obviously we exceeded that”.

UPS shipping delays
(Credit: Reuters/Carlos Allegri)

UPS is busily catching up, and customers who had delivery guarantees may be getting some refunds, and Amazon customers--in particular those with Amazon Prime--may get more compensation as well.

The silver lining for UPS and other shipping companies after a busy holiday season is that more people are shipping packages. Ultimately, that bodes well for the company’s bottom line, even though this December’s performance was subpar.