Upgraded TiVo Premier Launching Tomorrow

The DVR is the best thing to happen to television since the advent of color, and TiVo quickly became the proprietary eponym (or genericized trademark, or synecdoche, or whatever you want to call it) for the technology.

Tomorrow, TiVo is launching a new 500GB version of its TiVo Premiere product that will hold 75 hours of HD programming, can record two shows at once, and will shake up the cost and monthly pricing of the whole TiVo Premiere line.

The new TiVo Premiere will cost $149.99 (up from $99 for the old version), and the monthly service fee (for the first year, with a one-year commitment) will drop from $19.99 to $14.99. The multi-service deal will be $12.99 monthly with a one-year commitment, and the one-time fee for lifetime service will remain $499 for a single unit and $399 for multiple units.

The TiVo Premiere XL (2 simultaneous shows, 150 hours of HD content) will now cost $249.99, and the TiVo Premiere Elite (4 simultaneous shows, 300 hours of HD content) is $399.99.

You can buy the new TiVo Premiere from the company directly or in Best Buy stores.
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