Updated Plans Show Apple's Next-Gen Campus Delayed

Apple's Cupertino campus is a sprawling place by most measures, but given the size of the company's consumer business, it's clear that even Apple is outgrowing itself. Before Steve Jobs passed, he made a pitch to the town of Cupertino for a new facility -- a spaceship-like structure that would no doubt make the NorCal town an even more notable place on the map. It was previously believed that Apple would get to work on the new digs in short order, but according to new plans submitted to the town, ground breaking may not begin until 2014, which would potentially push the completion date to 2016.

The latest proposal was submitted a few weeks ago, noting that Apple had wished to start this year, but an environmental impact report might not be finished until June of 2013. Talk about a setback. Cupertino city manager David Brandt had this to say: "They could conceivably break ground in 2013, but only if everything goes smoothly. The project is running a little bit slow."

Of course, it's not as simple as just saying "yes." The town has to plan for traffic spikes, housing increases, and all manners of new problems that come with the building of such a vast campus. Rest assured, you'll hear all about it once the doors are finally open -- but at this rate, it may coincide with the release of the iPad 8.
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