Update: Our iPhone 5 Video Review Added

If you haven't been by our iPhone 5 review yet, you really should swing on over.  Apple's new smartphone is remarkable in some respects, ho-hum in others but decidedly gorgeous to behold.  Make no mistake, Android zealots, we're fans of HOT hardware here, (as if the masthead didn't clue you in) so we don't discriminate.  When a new device earns high marks in design elegance, we sit up and take note.  And there's little question, when you actually take time to pick up and handle the hardware, the iPhone 5 is pretty hot.  Beyond design elegance, you also can't argue the cold, hard facts.  The iPhone 5 has the chops in terms of performance as well.  It's not all that and a bag-o-Cheetos however, so make sure dig into the details of our full review.  Our video review is shortly after the break on page one and you can go from there. You'll be glad you did, honest.