Unsurprisingly, Woz Disappointed in "Jobs" Movie, "Abhorred" by Script

The biopic "Jobs" opened on Friday, August 16, grossing just $6.7 million over the weekend even though it was available for viewing in the U.S. and Canada. One person who contributed a few dollars to the $6.7 million opening weekend is Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple turned movie critic after seeing Ashton Kutcher in action as the late Steve Jobs. So, what did the Woz think about the movie?

On a positive note, Woz felt the acting was great for the roles the actors were assigned, but overall, he thinks the movie misses the mark. He revealed as much in an interview with Bloomberg, adding that the product timeline in the movie didn't match up with the evolution of Jobs.

Ashton Kutcher
Image Source: Open Road Films

"People don't know from that movie how deeply the Macintosh failed, how deeply our stock slid down, how we had to regroup quickly and build a Macintosh market over three years while we had huge revenues from the Apple II, and how Steve was trying to kill the Apple II in a lot of ways and do very unfair, unrealistic things to it. That's not known," Woz says.

As for Ashton Kutcher's portrayal of Jobs, Woz thought he pulled it off. The only problem, as far as Woz is concerned, is that Kutcher wasn't there during the early days of Apple, so it's hard for him to understand what it was really like.

To be fair, Woz was offered a consulting job, and had he accepted, he could have overseen the movie's production and corrected what he views as inaccuracies. However, he chose not to after receiving an early version of the script that he says he and his wife were "abhorred" by. Plus, he was busy traveling the country at the time giving speeches.

That said, Woz is consulting on another Jobs film, which will be written by Aaron Sorkin ("The Social Network). The second film will be based on the Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson. As of this writing, the movie doesn't have a release date or a cast.