Unreal Tournament 4 Expected To Debut This Week With Unreal Engine 4

We’ve been covering Unreal Engine 4 aplenty, but in one post from several weeks ago, our Rob Williams remarked, “At this point, the only thing that could make me more excited for UE4 games to get here is if one of them happened to be Unreal Tournament 4.”

Epic Unreal Tournament 4

Today’s a good day for Rob, because that’s what’s happening. Epic Games’ VP Mark Rein as well as Paul Meegan announced on Twitter that the future of Unreal Tournament would be revealed this Thursday at 2pm on Twitch. Rein further clarified things a bit, tweeting “I love #UnrealTournament - So excited for the comeback!”

twitter epic mark rein

It would certainly make sense to bring back UT, as it would be an ideal platform for showcasing Unreal Engine 4, which we got a sampling of at GTC 2014. (Also, fans of the game will lose their minds with delight.)

There are no more details available just yet, but tune in to the Epic Twitch channel Thursday at 2pm EST to find out the details.