University of Kansas Spends $3,000 on Naughty Domain Names

You know exactly the kind of content you're likely to find at and, and so do officials at Kansas University, which is why they're making a mad dash to grab illicit web domains. No, KU isn't going to cash in on the adult entertainment industry, it's just trying to prevent pornographic webmasters from being able to exploit the university's name.

Kansas University is just one of many schools and businesses outside of the adult entertainment industry buying up recently released .xxx domains, the Associated Press reports. Collectively, AP says they've grabbed hold of tens of thousands of .xxx domains solely as a preventative measure.

Source: Flickr (bradjward)

The ICM Registry, which is in charge of .xxx domain names, made them available to the general public earlier this week, but has been selling them to companies for the past couple of months. The dirty domains run about $100 a pop and quickly add up when you're a business or school trying to purchase domains simply to sit on them.

Ironically enough, it's the adult entertainment industry that's been one of the strongest opponents to .xxx domains. One of their beefs is with the high registration fees, which have been likened to extortion.