Universal To Ship Blu-ray/DVD Dual-Side "Flipper" Discs

These have been on the table for months now, and while the so-called "Flipper" was noted as "coming soon" during December of 2009, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has finally decided to roll out the two-sided discs for consumers to enjoy.

We will say--the first three films to ship on this twin-sided Blu-ray/DVD disc aren't the classics that you might expect. Out of Africa 25th Anniversary Edition, Traffic and The Jackal are all expected to hit the streets on April 27, and in a single package, users will get a Blu-ray copy of the film as well as a DVD copy on a single disc. Better still, bonus features won't be going away to make room, as all three will have BD-Live, added scenes and all of the additional bonus content you'd expect.

We suspect that this is just the beginning for these Flipper discs, and that a ton of future Universal releases will be shipped in this format. The real question is why did it take so long to get here? There's a fair chance that many consumers would've bought into BD earlier had these Flipper discs been readily available; going from one standard to another is made all that much easier with something like this on the shelves. Who knows, maybe this will spark the next wave of converts, or maybe those $79.99 Blu-ray players will be the cause. Anyone placing bets?
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