Unity Engine Adam Demo Is Jaw-Dropping Realistic And Claims To Run At 1440p In Real Time

Adam DoF
The folks at Unity this week at GDC 2016 revealed its stable release of the Unity 5.3.4 game engine along with a beta of Unity 5.4 (you can download it here). Unity is releasing Unity 5.4 as a public beta in the hopes that valuable user feedback will leader to less buggy software for everyone in future releases.

There are a number of upgrades included with Unity 5.4 including in-editor artist workflow improvements, VR rendering pipeline optimizations, improved multithreaded rendering, Retina display support, customizable particles which can use Light Probe Proxy Volumes (LPPV) to add more realistic lighting models (this is useful not just for particles, but also dynamic objects), and the ability to drop in textures from tools like Quixel DDo Painter and Marmoset Toolbag 2.

To see the graphical improvements achieved in Unity 5.4 virus 5.0, check out the following video:

But for a really jaw-dropping look at what’s possible with the Unity 5.4 engine, you absolutely must check out the short film “Adam” that Unity has developed. The film showcases all of Unity 5.4’s little tricks and gives a great look at what to expect from Unity-based games coming in 2016.

Unity Adam Demo - Claimed not to be a cut-scene and runs at 1440p on GeForce GTX 980

“The production of this short was used to stress our beta versions of Unity 5.4 and the cinematic sequencer currently in development. We also used an experimental implementation of real time area lights,” writes the Unity team. “The demo makes extensive use of the high fidelity physics simulation tool CaronteFX… and we needed volumetric fog, transparency shader, motion blur – to name a few.”

Although we were given just a taste of “Adam” with this brief teaser, Unity will showcase the full film at Unite Europe 2016, which is being held in Amsterdam. But what’s most impressive about “Adam” is that Unity says that this is all being run in real-time at 1440p resolution on an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980. Color us impressed at that feat.

Unity Adam

Unity Adam2

“We remain focused on democratizing development, solving hard problems and enabling success,” said Unity CEO John Riccitiello. “I’m proud of the success that Unity has achieved in the last year. To achieve 30 percent share of the top 1000 grossing games is unprecedented and a testament to the creativity of developers using Unity.”

Looking forward, Unity is expected to eventually support 25 platforms including upcoming support for FireOS. More importantly, the Unity for Microsoft HoloLens Tech Preview will ship on March 30th, which is a boon for those that have plunked down $3,000 for the HoloLens Development Edition (which also ships March 30th).