Unihertz Titan Is An Android-Fueled BlackBerry Passport Clone For Keyboard Lovers

Fans of the defunct Blackberry Passport who fancy the idea of a similar device that runs Android will want to check out the new device from a company called Unihertz. The smartphone is the Unihertz Titan, and it looks almost just like the classic Passport device. Unihertz is billing the smartphone as "unbreakable" and is aiming it at working pros, outdoor enthusiasts, and physical keyboard fans.

titan phone trio

The device is going to head to Kickstarter, meaning there is no guarantee it will ever be made. Unihertz has shared some details on the device, like its 4.5-inch 1440x1440 IPS LCD and its giant 6,000 mAh battery. The smartphone also has a dual-SIM slot and global LTE support along with wireless charging.

titan features

Other features include a fingerprint sensor and NFC. Some key specifications are a mystery such as the SoC the smartphone will use and the included RAM. Few will be willing to take a chance on backing this via Kickstarter without knowing those details, however, Unihertz will be taking reservations with a Super Early Bird price listed at $199.

The Kickstarter project for the phone doesn't appear to have launched yet, but you can sign up on the Unihertz website to be notified via email when the Kickstarter page is live. Presumably, by the time the page is ready to go live, critical details like delivery time, the SoC, and RAM will be announced.

The image of the device in a user's hands makes it look very wide. Anyone who buys this device will be unable to get a case to fit it anywhere. It's not clear how rugged it is and if it can survive the bumps and drops that come along with daily life. The original BlackBerry Passport launched way back in 2014.