Apple Deregister Tool Allows Former iPhone Owners To Break Out Of iMessage Jail

Apple is doing iOS defectors a solid by making available a simple web tool that simplifies the process of freeing up their SMS text messages from being tied to iMessage, Apple's proprietary messaging service. Without doing so, users who switch over to a new phone on a different mobile platform, be it Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry, may not receive incoming text messages.

It's been a nightmare for some people who didn't heed Apple's advice to deactivate iMessage before jumping over to a different platform. In those cases, the easiest way to restore text messaging order would be to grab hold of their iPhone device, re-insert the SIM card, and deactivate iMessage. However, that obviously wouldn't work for someone who already sold or otherwise got rid of their iPhone device.


Rather than continue to field support calls over the issue, Apple's online tool provides an alternative (and easy) way to deregister a phone number from iMessage. You simply enter in your phone number, click the Send Code link, and wait for Apple to text you a 6-digit confirmation code. Once you receive it, enter in the confirmation code and hit the Submit button.

This isn't groundbreaking stuff, though for people who it affects, Apple's web tool can save a lot of time and frustration, and quite frankly it's long overdue. It can also save a lot of trial and error with supposed online fixes by the web community at large, several of which simply do not work. According to Apple, logging in to My Support Profile and changing your password or removing your phone number isn't a solution, and neither is texting STOP to 48369.

You may have also come across solutions recommending that you reset your network settings or change your Apple ID password. Apple says neither of those steps will solve the iMessage issue, either.