Uncensored Playboy Coming to iPad

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will soon have to admit that Android is not the only place for porn. Jobs famously said that in the past, yet here comes Playboy to the iPad, uncensored, as Tweeted by no less than Hugh Hefner himself late Tuesday.

Undeniably, Playboy is not hard core porn.  But considering that even apps with bikini shots have been tossed out of the App Store, and fashion magazines have complained over what they have called the App Store "nipple police," the decision seems inconsistent.  Additionally, Playboy's iPhone app doesn't include full frontal nudity, either, so this is a big step, as Hef believes (below).

At any rate, the entire catalog of Playboy, from start to current, will be available on the iPad beginning in March, according to Tweet 1:
Big news! Playboy--both old & new--will be available on iPad beginning in March.
Tweet 2 was in response to the obvious question. Since it will be in the App Store, will it be censored or uncensored?:
@hughmcook Playboy on iPad will be uncensored, Hugh.
Steve Jobs, in the past, both railed on Android for its open Android Market and defended Apple's closed App Store by declaring Android as the place to go if people want porn. In doing so, he discounted how easy it is to simply use Safari to browse porn on the device, and really was just using marketing hyperbole.  

 Exactly how the magazine archive will be distributed hasn't been revealed yet, or if consumers can buy individuals issues, etc. Details to come, obviously.
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