UK’s “The Apple Shop” Forced to Change its Name, But It’s Not For Why You Think

If the first thing to come to mind after hearing that a store with "Apple" in its name, or one which uses a logo with an apple in it, was forced to shut down, I think very few people would blame you if you thought it was caused by the Cupertino giant's hands. It's happened before, after all, and I'm sure it will happen again.

However, for "The Apple Shop" in Norwich, UK, which sells actual apple food products, there were other reasons it was "forced" to change its name. You see, if your business has "Apple" in its name, even if it has nothing to do with electronics, people are bound to ignore the differences and ring you up for warranty information, product problems and other inquiries that end up doing little but waste your time.

In this particular shop's case, it received up to 24 calls a week which should have gone to the actual Apple Store in the same city. While the shop owner claims it was humorous at first, what seems to have pushed him to change the name was the bevy of rude customers - some of whom would slam down the phone when they couldn't be helped. He did note, however, that he'd take the opportunity to sell some cider to disgruntled customers, so perhaps the experience hasn't been all bad!

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