UK's Oldest Computer To Be Restored, Not Given Quad-Core CPU

Think your computer is old? Think your computer is slow? You haven't seen anything, yet! Just a few months after we heard that an IBM supercomputer had discovered the oldest English words known to man, a computer just as large and not nearly as potent is about to be restored to working order over in the UK.

It's known as Britain's oldest computer, and essentially it was designed only to handle mathematical calculations. In lay terms, it was constructed to be a giant calculator, but too many years of multiplication left it defunct. The unit itself measures 2.4x5 meters, which is plenty to engulf most bedrooms. It was first booted up around a year ago, and it took its last official breath in 1973.

But now, the computer is expected to breath new life as those who understand its importance seek to share that same knowledge with others. We're told that the entire restoration process is expected to take around one year to complete, though there's no mention of just how wildly expensive it'll be. But to us nerds, it'll be worth even penny. Er, pence.