Ugly Holiday Sweaters And Other Hilarious Swag Invade Grand Theft Auto V Via Latest Update

Even the miscreants of Los Santos get into the holiday spirit. Well, sort of. It's not like they'll put down their weapons and stop stealing cars, but at least now they'll wreak havoc while dressed appropriately for the season. We're talking about ugly sweaters that have suddenly become faux fashionable and holiday masks -- ever rob a store looking like a gingerbread man? Now you can, once you install the latest title update for Grand Theft Auto V.

Rockstar Games is rolling out the 1.19 update for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and 1.05 update for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The updates are chock full of holiday fare, like a new homing missile launcher and proximity mines, both available at Ammu-Nation (where else?).

Grand Theft Auto V Holiday

That's not all. We hear there will be a few special days of snowfall in San Andreas. When it happens, you'll be able to engage others in snowball fights, though it sounds like the snowballs will be able to do real damage.

"Treat yourself to some new toys this holiday season and fill your garage (now that you can own a third property and garage, also part of today’s title update) with four all-new vehicles to purchase – including a tricked out Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader, the sturdy Slam Van, and the fast and flashy Massacro and Jester sports cars with all new Race liveries. These vehicles will be permanently available to acquire and keep," Rockstar Games said.

Fireworks are also making a comeback to help ring in the New Year with a bang. Like the special holiday outfits and masks, they'll be available to purchase and use from now until January 5th.