Ubuntu 11.10 In The Offing, Will Have ARM and Cloud Features

Reports from a variety of sources indicate that the forthcoming Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will feature ARM architecture support as well as a variety of cloud features.

At the Open Stack conference in Boston this week, Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical (which makes Ubuntu), gave a keynote wherein she teased details of the upcoming distro, which is due to launch this week--Thursday, October 13th, to be exact.

This distribution of Ubuntu will run on the ARM architecture, although apparently it’s a little unpolished as of yet. Oneiric Ocelot will also feature OpenStack’s Diablo software and a cloud services tool called JuJu that automates starting up and shutting down cloud services on OpenStack.

Like many, we eagerly await Thursday, when we can see all the new Ubuntu features for ourselves.