Austin Bank Robber Digitally Apprehended After Fleeing Scene With Uber Jump Scooter

uber jump scooter
You might think that a criminal planning a bank robbery would at least do a little research beforehand; rule numero uno is that you never rent the getaway vehicle in your own name. An alleged bank robber named Luca Mangiarano clearly didn't do his research. Police allege that 19-year-old Mangiarano robbed a BBVA Compas bank located in downtown Austin, Texas on December 18th.

According to a bank teller, a young man in a black hoodie walked up to her station and handed her a note that demanded cash. She gave the man the money he asked for, and the man turned and walked out of the bank. Another bank employee saw a person fitting that description exit the bank and climb aboard an Uber Jump scooter to flee the scene.

jump thief
Luca Mangiarano's mugshot -- image via Austin Statesman

This is where preparation for the criminal would have come in handy. Uber Jump scooters are booked through the Uber app, and each rental is linked to the rider's payment and personal information. Austin detectives sent Uber a subpoena requesting account information for a Jump scooter that had been used at Sixth and Guadalupe streets on the day of the robbery.

Uber was able to give the police Mangiarano's phone number, email address, and credit card number. With that information, the police were able to obtain surveillance video footage that showed the suspect in front of his apartment complex and were able to conclude that he was the robber. Detectives also noted that the suspect's cell phone information shows him in the vicinity of the bank at the time of the robbery. It's unclear if Mangiarano has been charged with bank robbery at this time or if he is still in police custody. It's also unclear exactly how much cash the suspect fled with and if that cash has been recovered.