Uber Bans Sex, Flirting And Vomiting From Popular Ridesharing Service

Certain things should go without saying. Should. Unfortunately, common sense takes a backseat etiquette these days, so ridesharing service Uber felt compelled to add some common sense restrictions to its "Community Guidelines." Breaking any of them could result in being banned from hailing rides from Uber drivers.

Uber's goal was to lay out the rules in "plain English" so that everyone—both drivers and riders—know what is expected of them. For example, Uber prohibits damaging the driver's or another passenger's property. In case that's too vague, Uber goes on to list specific infractions that include "damaging the car, breaking or vandalizing a phone, intentionally spilling food or drink, smoking, or vomiting due to excessive alcohol consumption."


That last one can be tough. If a party goer finds himself plastered, it's obviously best to hail a ride home rather than get behind the wheel drunk. Of course, a drunken state is when a person is more likely to upchuck. Our advice? Riders who feel sick on the way home should ask the driver to pull over. Option No. 2 would be to roll down the window—it's easier to hose puke off the side of a car than it is to clean it from the upholstery.

Uber also warns against making physical contact with the driver and fellow passengers and reminds users that it has a no sex rule.

"That’s no sexual conduct with drivers or fellow riders, no matter what. And you should never hit or otherwise hurt a driver or fellow passenger," Uber states in its guidelines.

Other actions that are prohibited include inappropriate and abusive language (asking overly personal questions, using verbal threats, and making comments that are aggressive, sexual, discriminatory, or disrespectful), unwanted contact (texting or calling the driver after the ride has ended), and breaking local laws (bringing open containers of alcohol into the car, asking the driver to speed, and so forth).

Uber said it will investigate infractions if and when it is made aware of them. Depending on the situation and severity, Uber might temporarily suspend an account or terminate it altogether.

In short, don't be a jerk.