UAE iPhone Launch Info Points to New iPhone

A story covering the upcoming (Feb. 15) launch of the iPhone 3G in the United Arab Emirates seems to confirm the suspected launch date of the next version of the iPhone.

The story, in Business24-7, states (emphasis ours):
The latest 3G model will become available on February 15 according to Dow Jones, and etisalat will be targeting private and business users. Both post-paid and prepaid subscribers will be able to use the product and voice, data and SMS services will be available. And the next version of the device, which is due out in June, will be launched in the UAE at the same time.
While Phil Schiller has previously said that the iPhone cycles center around June, the question is: if in fact that timeframe is correct, will that be a launch or an announcement? So far Apple has announced the iPhone and iPhone 3G many months before the actual launch.

The reference discovered earlier to an "iPhone 2,1" model definitely points to a more significant change from iPhone to iPhone 3G, perhaps including PowerVR video and graphics from Imagination Technologies, which Apple earlier bought a (small) piece of.
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