TZero Shuts Down, UWB Format Left In Limbo

It's a sad day, friends. Or, a happy day, if you're a devout supporter of AMIMON's WHDI technology. For those who have been following the ultra-wideband protocol -- which was sparsely used in a variety of wireless HD and wireless peripheral-related products -- you'd know that TZero was pretty much the only company still keeping it alive.

Late last year, both Intel and WiQuest (who were both big supporters early on, by the way) pulled out, leaving the UWB format in limbo. Now, sources are reportedly confirming that TZero Technologies has "shut down operations," and without it doing business, it's a giant question as to who -- if anyone -- will be willing to pick up the ultra-wideband pieces and try again. Other proponents that the format has lost along the way include Focus Enhancements, Texas Instruments and Artimi (which technically just merged with Staccato). Those that remain include Wisair and Alereon, with more established firms like RealTek, ST/NXP Wireless and CSR "also in the fray."

As for AMIMON and its round table of supporters, we see no reason why the WHDI standard, which is generally sought to distribute 1080p content sans wires, won't take off. Granted, there is the (huge) issue of cost, but if it can get its chipset into somewhat affordable wireless extenders, we'd say there's a great chance it sees adoption skyrocket.
Tags:  wireless, TZero, UWB