Txtr Beagle E-Reader Is World's Smallest, Costs Just $13

E-readers are a dime a dozen, but they aren't quite a dime in cost. But it's getting close. While e-reader prices overall have been sinking lately, this sets a new bar. A new low bar, that is. The new Txtr Beagle is said to be the world's smallest e-reader, and perhaps the cheapest as well. It doesn't require any cables or chargers, and is the first e-reader to receive e-books sent from a smartphone. The unit itself is just 5mm thick, weighing 128 grams and operates using two AAA batteries. Users can start reading any of the preloaded eBooks or book previews in seconds by simply switching the device on and selecting the book of choice. The txtr beagle communicates with the txtr Android reading application, to add more eBooks. Pair the txtr beagle with the smartphone using the standard Bluetooth protocol, and you'll be able to shoot over content with just a click. Basically, it's a companion device, which is enabled by your smartphone. Craziest of all? The $13 price point. Top that, Amazon!

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