Two Months After Its Unveil, Microsoft’s $100 Designer Bluetooth Desktop Is Now Available

Microsoft's Designer Bluetooth Keyboard may have taken a full two months to get here, but with its sharp styling and overall good design, it looks like it could have been worth the wait.

Priced at $99.95, this "Designer" keyboard sports an ultra-thin design with no excess frame at all. While the clear goal here was minimalism, Microsoft didn't go as far to lob off the numpad, which seems like a smart decision.


Doubling the functionality of some of the F keys are media functions, while above the numpad, a few other specific functions can be used, like search and brightness. For those used to full-sized desktop keyboards, the right Shift key on this board may take some getting used to, as where the key would normally end, there's an up arrow in its place. Given the design goals of the keyboard, it's hard to fight against that design.

Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop inuse

While Microsoft calls the entire kit a "Keyboard", it actually comes with a mouse, as well. Like the keyboard, it features a seriously sleek design, which is, dare I say it, almost "Apple like". Both peripherals take advantage of Bluetooth 4.0 for their wireless connection, and the keyboard can be used either totally flat, or raised.

$99.95 might seem a bit steep, but this kit is definitely a little more unique and interesting than most. And at least at the moment, shipping is free.