Twitter’s VP of Product Quits and Takes Advisory Role

Michael Sippey, vice president of product at Twitter, has spent most of his professional career working at startups, none bigger than the microblogging site that lets you post your thoughts 140 characters at a time. Previous to joining Twitter in 2012, Sippey helped grow a blog platform called Six Apart and then Say Media, a media company born out of a merger between Six Apart and VideoEgg. What will he do next?

We're about to find out. Sippey announced in a blog post that the time has come to "move on," though it won't happen abruptly. For the time being, Sippy has stepped into a advisory role at Twitter where he'll help with product strategy, give input on upcoming projects, and assist with finding someone to replace his old position.

Michael Sippey
Image Source: Flickr (Joi)

"I am deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to work with an amazing team on one of the most important products on the planet. Thank you, thank you, thank you," Sippey stated.

Though it's with appreciation and gratitude that he departs Twitter, there's chatter of discontent behind the scenes. According to TechCrunch, team members at Twitter have been frustrated with Sippey's leadership and the lack of a clear path for efficiently moving product changes up the chain of command. In other words, product launches can take months or years and rely too much on user testing before a decision is made.