Twitter’s New Profile Design Is Now Live For All Users

As Twitter looks to become a viable platform for mobile advertisers much like Facebook, there have been a series of changes to the service leading up to that goal, both behind the scenes and on the surface. Today's update falls into the latter category -- the recently introduced web profile experience is rolling out to all users worldwide today.

Twitter first announced the revamped profile option earlier this month. Taking a Google-like approach, Twitter slow rolled the availability of its new profile features to users. Satisfied with what it's seen, the microblogging service is now ready to let everyone build a better, flashier profile page.

Twitter Paul Lilly

Comparisons to Facebook can't be avoided. Not only do they both compete in the social networking space, but Twitter's new profile layout looks very similar Facebook's profile page. You can choose a header image that runs across the top of your profile, along with a profile image that appears in a smaller box on the left-hand side.

The new layout puts an increased focus on your better tweets. Those that receive more engagement will appear slightly larger, making your best content easy to find. Optionally, you can pin a favorite tweet of yours to the top of your page. You can also choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles -- your options include tweets, tweets with photos/videos, or tweets and replies.

Twitter HotHardware

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