Twitter Turns 7, Celebrates with 200 Million Active Users

If there's one thing that can make you feel old, it's a birthday, and it doesn't even matter if it's your own or for someone you know. Today is Twitter's birthday, as the microblogging site that took the social networking scene by storm turns 7 years old. Converted into technology years, that's roughly equivalent to a person turning 134!

Twitter now boasts "well over 200 million active users" who collectively dish out more than 400 million Tweets each day. That's nearly 16.7 million Tweets per hour, 278,000 per minute, or a little more than 4,629 every second. Every tenth of a second, there are almost 463 new Tweets to sort through. We could break it down further, but you get the idea, right? Twitter is hugely popular.

Twitter Cake
Image Source: Flickr (niner bakes)

"As we’ve grown, Twitter has become a true global town square — a public place to hear the latest news, exchange ideas and connect with people all in real time," Twitter said in a blog post. "This is where you come to connect with the world at large. Get on your soapbox to critique elected officials, or go sotto voce to the neighbor next to you. And as in other gathering places, commerce happens too (and jokes and art-making and debating, and — you get the idea)."

Twitter's crossed plenty of milestones over the past 7 years, such as recording the first Twitter post from space and attracting several celebrities along the way. It's not just a platform for recreation, though, as it's also been a critical tool during emergency situations, such as Hurricane Sandy.

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