Twitter Puts You In Control With The Mute Button

One of the biggest downsides of social media is that there's way too much information to take in. It's made worse when some people like to post a lot more than the usual person. There are some people I follow on Facebook or Twitter that can post upwards of 10 - 20 times a day. That's hard to deal with sometimes, when there's only so much time in the day, and I have many more updates to look through.

Well, understanding that you might not want to see updates from certain people or entities even if you "Follow" them, Twitter has unveiled a feature called "Mute". It couldn't be more simple: Simply mute an account, and you will no longer see their updates in your main feed. This feature currently works on the main website, and the iPhone and Android apps.

Some might question the purpose of following someone on Twitter but not being interested in their updates, and to be fair, it could seem a little odd. But realistically, there could be a number of reasons someone would want to do that, whether it be for work purposes or merely keeping the ability to message someone if you need to. Whatever your thoughts, it's nice that Twitter has finally unveiled this feature, because it really does seem overdue.

As simple of a feature as this is, Twitter's not rolling it out to everyone at once. If you don't see the feature yet (it can be found clicking on the three-dot icon inside someone's tweet), you can expect it to arrive within the next couple of weeks. Yes, weeks.

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