Twitter Launches Bookmarks To Save Content For Later Viewing

We have been bookmarking websites with our internet browsers for almost as long as the public internet has been in existence. Twitter, on the other hand, hasn’t made it easy to save favorite tweets, images, and other content until now. Luckily, Twitter has officially rolled out Bookmarks.

twitter bookmarks 1

Bookmarks will allow users to quickly and easily save Tweets for fast access later. Saving stuff for you to peruse later isn’t all Twitter is doing, however, it is also making it easier to share content with a new "share" icon on every Tweet. Twitter wrote, "With our new 'share' icon on every Tweet, you’ll be able to bookmark a Tweet, share via Direct Message, or share off of Twitter any number of ways. Because we put all sharing actions together in one place, it’s easier to save and share privately or publicly — in the moment, or later."

Using the new Bookmarks feature is easy; all users need to do is tap the share icon under the Tweet and then tap the "Add Tweet to Bookmarks." When you want to look at your Bookmarks later, all you need to do is tap "Bookmarks" from the profile icon menu. Tweets can be removed from your Bookmarks at any time and only you can see the things you have bookmarked.

Twitter noted, "We Tweeted ongoing updates as we built Bookmarks so we could incorporate your input as we worked. By working this way, we learned that you like to save replies so you can answer later and that you may share a Tweet hours or days later after you’ve bookmarked it. Thank you for being part of this process — your feedback was valuable in building this update, and it made it all the more fun for us as we built a new feature for you. As a result, we all have an easier way to save, share, and stay informed."

Bookmarks are rolling out globally on Twitter for iOS and Android, Twitter Lite, and