Twitter Hits Rewind With 'While You Were Away' Feature

Keeping up with your Twitter feed is about to get easier, thanks to new feature called “recaps.” Twitter will keep an eye out for tweets (from accounts that you follow) that are particularly noteworthy and put these recaps at the top of your Home timeline.

Twitter wants you to see all the tweets you missed, so it addes a recap feature that lables certain posts with "While you were away."

The idea behind recaps makes sense: trying to keep up with Twitter’s Home feed can be overwhelming, and unless you’re glued to it, you’re going to miss tweets that you would have wanted to see. Twitter hopes to spot those tweets, based on “engagement and other factors,” and will put them on your Home timeline under a “While you were away,” heading. You’ll scroll past the recaps to get to the latest tweets.

As with any new feature, Twitter recap has been getting a mixed reception. Some users are glad to see tweets they might have missed, while others are frustrated to see the feature taking up space on the Home screen. You can check it out for yourself now if you have iOS, but Android users and Web users will have to wait a little longer.