Twitter Goes Nuts Over Skynet Threat After Sarah O’Connor Tweet Of Robot Killing A Factory Worker

Just a few days after Steve Wozniak stirred fears with comments about the inevitability of humans becoming pets for superior robots, the Twittersphere has found further “evidence” that humanity’s end is nigh. A robot at an automotive plant in Germany killed a worker this week and the reporter who first covered the news is named Sarah O’Connor. Lop the “O” off her name, and you have the lead character of the original Terminator movie (and its sequel).

Now would probably be a good time for sci-fi fans everywhere to take a collective deep breathe and chill the heck out.

Sarah OConner Tweet Robot

The Volkswagon employee apparently entered a security cage that is designed to protect humans from the robot while it works. The robot seems to have pressed against the employee’s chest, pinning him to metal plate and causing injuries that proved fatal. It’s a tragic story, but Terminator fans, already worked up about latest, upcoming Terminator movie, saw something more when they noticed the reporter’s last name.
Sarah O'Connor Tweet

For her part, Sarah O’Connor seems disappointed by the publicity. As her Twitter following exploded, O’Connor sought to remind people that the story is about a real person. “Feeling really uncomfortable about this inadvertent Twitter thing I seem to have kicked off,” O’Connor tweeted. “Somebody died. Let’s not forget.”

As it turns out, O’Connor hasn’t seen “Terminator,” in which a computer network called Skynet attacks mankind and sends a robot to hunt down the mother of the human resistance’s leader. “Guys. I don’t know what Skynet is,” O’Connor tweeted as her followers shot past 11,000. “And I wouldn’t follow me – I tweet really boring stuff about unit wage costs and the like.”