Twitter Goes Down Briefly, Users Turn To Plan FB

What do you do if you suddenly can't share your clever thoughts with the masses? We don't know, because the minute Twitter dropped off the grid today, we shared our panic on Facebook. And so did everyone else, it seems. It's simultaneously comforting and disconcerting to know that people are plugged into enough massive communication channels that the loss of one causes little fuss.

Twitter Apologizes For Outage

So what happened? Twitter hasn't given a reason for the hours-long outage this morning, but it acknowledged the issue on its Status page around noon, EST. Reports from users suggest the service is working fine for most, if not all users, now.

Looks Like Facebook Is Where People Go When Twitter Drops

Although the outage didn't cause much trouble, users have been quick to point out that Twitter went down several days, ago, too (June 21st, to be exact).That particular outage appears to have been worse, as many users were quickly back up and running today. Twitter has invested heavily in new infrastructure to avoid just these sorts of outages.

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