Twitter for iPhone Now Available for Download

Brace yourself folks, because Twitter has taken the microblogging service "to a whole new level of awesomeness" (their words, not ours). Put another way, Twitter has put its acquisition of Tweetie just over a month ago to good use by tweaking the software and releasing its own version of the app in the iTunes App Store (our words, not theirs).

It's a free download, which is good news for those of you who were interested in Tweetie but were turned off by the $2.99 price tag. By the same token, our condolences to those of you who previously shelled out for Tweetie only to watch as a revamped version comes out for free - do'h! And yes, it's essentially the same app before, but with "a bunch of new stuff," including:
  • Search has been reorganized and now include Top Tweets
  • You can search, browse users, and view trends and tops tweets without an account
  • Sign-up is available from within the application
  • Select actions, like Retweet, have been moved to the main actions bar

To see a full list of changes, as well as to download the free app, go here.