Twitter Accidentally Resets Passwords for Many Users Due To Security Threat

If you woke up to find that your Twitter password wasn’t working, you’re not alone. Twitter accidentally reset the passwords for many of its users yesterday. If your account is one of those affected by the mass reset, you should have received an email alerting you to the situation and giving you an opportunity to change your password back to your dog’s birthday.

Dick Costolo CEO of Twitter

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.

Twitter was hunting for accounts that have been hijacked for nefarious purposes. It reset the passwords on those accounts – and then some. Twitter accidentally reset plenty of accounts that weren’t compromised. It's blog post on the issue doesn't say how many accounts were affected, of course. Why dwell on the details?

As gaffes go, this one’s not too bad. There was no security breach, and the situation brings to light the fact that Twitter is actively working to get rid of compromised accounts. And while we’re not condoning this sloppy mistake, it probably doesn’t hurt for some users to get a chance to rethink their passwords.

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