Twitch To Build Video Game Live Stream Broadcast Studio In San Francisco

Video game broadcaster and community-builder Twitch is poised for big things. The company is rumored to be working a billion-dollar acquisition by YouTube, making it a Google-owned entity, and in the meantime it’s building a studio in San Francisco to take its enterprise to new level.

According to Reuters, Twitch COO Kevin Lin said that the company wants to find better ways to help “everyday streamers” develop greater quantity and quality of content.

Twitch on Xbox

The purpose of the studio is manifold. It will give Twitch’s partners a top-notch space in which they can produce the highest-quality content while at the same time offering an incubator of sorts for budding content producers to hone their craft (as it relates to Twitch, anyway).

Recently, Twitch enhanced its partnership with YouTube by rolling out Twitch Live Annotations, which enables content producers to more efficiently let one’s followers know when you’re about to begin a broadcast. Anyone watching one of your YouTube videos will be alerted that you’re about to go live and will be directed to that content.

Considering that Twitch is still essentially a startup, this bodes well for the company’s future. If Google seals the deal on an acquisition, that billion dollars will come in handy.