Twitch Fortnite Streamer Raked In Nearly $10 Million In 2018

ninja confetti
When the average American likely thinks of a hardcore gamer, they likely picture some nerdy kid with a beard and a ponytail living in his mom's basement. However, the world of professional

Ninja, aka Tyler Blevins, is a 27-year-old Fortnite beast that has not only helped to popularize the incredibly prolific game, but has amassed a huge following on his two social media platforms of choice: YouTube and Twitch. On YouTube, has nearly 21 million subscribers. On Twitch, he has 12.8 million followers.

Ninja’s “street cred” skyrocketed back in March 2018 when he teamed up with rapper Drake for a Twitch live stream. That stream broke records at the time with over 660,000 thousand concurrent viewers. His rise to fame has also meant a considerable rise in income -- to say the least.

Also in March, Ninja revealed in a CNBC interview that he was making roughly $500,000 a month through Twitch alone. That revenue is generated primarily from the number of subscribers; especially Twitch Prime subscriptions, of which he gets roughly a 50 percent cut. With YouTube, the revenue comes from ads that play during his streams.

In a recent interview with CNN, Ninja revealed that he rakes in nearly $10 million a year from his game-playing skills. That's right, almost $10 million just from people watching him rack up a cumulative 95,000 kills in Fortnite. What a time to be alive!

ninja fallon
Ninja (left) with Jimmy Fallon (right)

According to Ninja, roughly 70 percent of his income can be traced back to YouTube and Twitch, with the rest coming from sponsorships with some big names in the corporate world including Samsung and Red Bull. 

With that being said, $10 million is a relatively small drop in the bucket compared to the estimated $3 billion in profit that Epic Games earned from Fortnite during 2018.

(Top and Bottom Images Courtesy Ninja via Twitter)