Tweet Your Sins Away with SecretTweet

Feel guilty about something and want to confess to the world? Well, you can use Twitter to anonymously broadcast your sins to the world, with a site, SecretTweet, that posts them to a public Twitter stream. According to the site, not even your IP address is collected, so you are completely anonymous.

At the time of this writing there are 13,758 followers of the secrettweet Twitter stream, meaning there appear to be plenty of people willing to watch as people publicly confess their secrets. Some of the secrets recently posted to the stream are:
  • 24791 I love my husband and life, but something devient in my core compells me to look outside my marriage for happiness
  • 24728 I got fired from my first job for having sex at work w/my manager. The GM caught us. He just got transferred to another office.
  • 24916 I am a paramedic in a low income area. I feel that some of my patients are better off dead, however that not my decision to make
The site's creator is Kevin Smith, a 21-year-old graphic design student from West Virginia. But he does screen and approve or disapprove posts. Those not approved and kept private are those which are spam (obviously), confessions pertaining to crime, etc., etc. Some are not published, but put into two streams, one which is called unabridged and which contains NSFW posts (so to speak), and those approved for public reading.

Users can comment to posts by tweeting in the following format: "@secrettweet 24928 your reply here." There's also a form on the site, but those are posted only to the site and not to the Twitter stream.

The site has recently begun accepting advertising. According to a recent blog post:
I think I need to explain myself. Let me start by making it clear that without some sort of funding, and will cease to exist VERY quickly. The site has grown to a size that now requires more time than I alone can devote without ANY monetary return. So, I’ve decided there are three options and I’m going to let you guys decide (or possibly propose your own solution via email).
With the amount of traffic the site receives (around 100,000 unique visitors monthly), you'd think advertising would work decently. But according to Smith, he's not necessarily looking to make a profit:
"I’m taking a loss, and will continue to as long as I find personal reward and happiness with the project."