TWCable TV App Launches For iPhone: Download It Now

Well, that was quick! Just a couple of days after reports started flooding out that Time Warner Cable would be introducing a live streaming application for the iPad, that very application has now launched. It's called TWCable TV, and for now, it's exclusive to iPad. It's a free app for those who subscribe to TWC's high-speed Internet and pay-TV services, and it allows you to watch a number of channels live, right on your hand. You'll need to be in your home and using a Wi-Fi connection, and now all channels are supported just yet. That said, a bunch that are supported are shown in HD, and the company has already stated that new updates are coming that will add a Remote DVR Manager and Remote Tuner. We certainly hope they add the option to watch DVR'd content while on the road, too. Have you downloaded the app? How's the experience?

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