Tumblr TV Wastes Your Previous Life Away With Full Screen, Searchable GIFs

What’s better than being able to search Tumblr for quirky GIFs to with your friends? Being able sit back and let Tumblr play an endless GIF slideshow for you, of course. We’re surprised you had to ask.

tumblr TV puppies search

The new, stunningly addictive Tumblr TV is an accessory to the GIF search functionality it released at the beginning of the month. “We kind of made this whole thing by accident,” reads a Tumblr Staff post announcing Tumblr TV.

Using Tumblr’s search engine to find GIFs is easy enough: enter your search terms, put “GIF” at the end, and you’ll be looking at an array of short clips of puppies (or what have you) in no time. Click the TV button near the posts, and you’ll be treated to full screen (within your browser) GIFs from your search, playing one after another.

If you break free of the mesmerizing slideshow long enough to move the mouse, you’ll find that Tumblr included media player-like buttons. Don’t like a GIF? You can skip to the next one. Want to see it again? No problem – you can even click Pause to stay on a GIF indefinitely. Tags at the bottom of each GIF let you redirect your search with a click.

Today Show Tumblr TV

Technically, you don’t need to search for anything to start watching Tumblr TV. If you want Tumblr to take the reins, you can head over to tumblr.com/tv, kick back and watch as the service delivers such gems as a man dressed like a kangaroo jumping over  beach goers, a guy blinking and, of course, a kitten yawning. What’s that nonsense about wasting time?

Another option is turning your own blog into a Tumblr channel. The URL tumblr.com/tv/@yourblog will, as Tumblr’s announcement post puts it, make you “The Oprah of Tumblr TV.”
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