Tumblr Hits 100 Million Blog User Milestone

One social site that doesn't receive nearly as much recognition as it perhaps deserves is Tumblr. Facebook, Google+, and Twitter dominate the headlines at times, while Tumblr quietly grows its userbase and post count to new heights. The latest milestone Tumblr crossed is that of 100 million blogs, up 100 percent from April of last year.

Tumblr is also home to 44.6 billion posts nestled into all those blogs, and it's adding 80.6 million each day. It's now the 14th most popular site on the web (based on Quantcast data) and makes up 42 percent of the web's traffic in the U.S.


"Tumblr celebrates creativity. We want you to express yourself freely and use Tumblr to reflect who you are, and what you love, think, witness, and believe," the site's biography reads.

Part of Tumblr's recent surge can be attributed to the attention it paid towards improving its iOS app. It was recently updated to version 3.3, adding a handful of new features, including a redesigned camera with new buttons for toggling between front and rear cameras, among other changes.