Trigger Happy’s “Toon Hero” Lets Kids and Grown-ups Create Animated Stories with Famous Cartoon Characters

Trigger Happy on Friday announced the launch of Toon Hero, an app for iPad users of any age to create their own animated stories using exclusively licensed characters and properties from studios such as The Him Henson Company, Hero: 108, Mukpuddy, and National Geographic, to name just a few. When you're finished creating a story, it can then be shared as a status update, greeting, and more.

"For years, major studios have produced their own storylines and limited their licensing of characters only to manufacturers and advertisers. Now, with the Toon Hero app, people from the ages of eight to eighteen to forty eight will have the opportunity to bring these characters to life by using their own creativity and imagination," says Shona Grundy, CEO of Trigger Happy. "We are changing the game of animation as we know it and putting the power of social storytelling in people’s hands with many of the animated favorites they know and love."

Toon Hero

You don't need to be an artist to take advantage of the app. Creating an animation is as simple as tapping, swiping, dragging, and talking. It's also supposed to be easy to share your creations with social media.

Toon Hero is free to download from the App Store on iPad, though there are a number of premium characters and locales available for purchase starting at 99 cents.