TRENDnet Releases 3-port 200Mbps Powerline AV Adapter

Powerline networking has been around for longer than we can even remember. Much like Ethernet, it's just something we've grown to expect. But unlike Ethernet, Powerline isn't widely adopted, or at least it's not on the same level overall. Many A/V enthusiasts know about and utilize Powerline, though, and TRENDnet has a new 3-port product that they're hoping will get that adoption up. The 3-Port 200Mbps Powerline AV adapter is a pretty simplistic module, which plugs into your home power network via a standard wall socket. On the bottom of the module, there are three Ethernet ports where up to three media centers, Blu-ray players, etc.

The adapter works like so: users can connect up to three devices (TVs, media centers, a Roku box, etc.) directly to the device, and then connect another adapter on another AC outlet near your router. You can use up to 16 adapters to network all sorts of devices in different rooms over your home's power network, without having to run a single Ethernet cable from room-to-room. You could also use a Wi-Fi network, but the stability of a wired network may be your preference.

This particular device will be on sale soon for $79.99.

TRENDnet® Launches the 3-Port 200Mbps Powerline AV Adapter

TORRANCE, Calif. -January 6, 2011 -TRENDnet, a best-in-class wired and wireless networking hardware brand, announces today from CES, the launch of the 3-Port 200Mbps Powerline AV Adapter, model TPL-305E, which features three additional Ethernet ports to network media center devices.

The 3-Port 200Mbps Powerline AV Adapter uses any electrical outlet to create a secure high speed home or small office network. Connect computers, printers, gaming consoles, televisions, and DVRs to the three Ethernet ports on the bottom of the adapter. Network one adapter to a router and plug another adapter into any outlet on the same electrical system for instant high speed network access. Connect adapters quickly using the convenient one-touch connect button. Use up to 16 adapters to network devices in different rooms without running new cabling. LED displays convey device status for easy power management and troubleshooting. Advanced AES encryption secures your network. Embedded power saving technology lowers power consumption by up to 70% in standby mode-resulting in measurable power savings, given that the device is always on.

"TRENDnet's energy efficient TPL-305E adds to our growing portfolio of Powerline products," stated Sonny Su, Director of Technology for TRENDnet. "With the proliferation of networked devices in the home, users will benefit from the three networked ports on this powerful Powerline solution."

The 3-Port 200Mbps Powerline AV Adapter, model TPL-305E, comes with a three year limited warranty and will be available from TRENDnet's online and retail partners this coming February.

The MSRP for the TPL-305E is US $79.99.