TRENDnet Goes Tiny With TPL-306E Powerline AV Adapter

TRENDnet's got a new Powerline Adapter for the taking, and if you're tired of playing with a flaky Wi-Fi network (and don't feel like running miles of cable across your apartment), picking up the TPL-306E may be the best solution. It's one of the most compact Powerline adapters we've seen, plugging into a wallet outlet and using your home's power lines to pass along Internet signals. The bottom packs an Ethernet jack, enabling machines halfway across your home to plug into a hardline.

Network one adapter to a router and plug another adapter into any outlet on the same electrical system for instant high speed network access. TRENDnet adapters connect automatically to each other over a secure encrypted signal with no CD installation required. For additional security, press the Sync button to change existing encryption keys. Embedded power saving technology lowers power consumption by up to 70% in standby mode -- resulting in measurable power savings, given that the device is always on.

The MSRP for the TPL-306E is US $54.99, but the 200Mbps Compact Powerline AV Adapter Kit, model TPL-306E2K, comes with two TPL-306E adapters and will ship for $99.99.